our vision

Our vision for the future is to become a leading international chocolatier that emphasises on excellence and perfection by creating the finest and the most indulgent chocolates with our spirit of innovation.

our mission

We are passionate about the art of chocolate-making and we are continuously striving to create perfect premium chocolates that will put a smile on our customers’ face. We will continue to use nothing but the finest quality ingredients and implement strict operational procedures to ensure that the chocolates produced are perfect.



We at Beryl’s are always passionate about the wonderful art of chocolate-making and we are continuously pursuing our passion to produce the finest quality of chocolates by combining traditional techniques with modern technology.


Our strong innovative spirit at Beryl’s is what drives us to continue developing new interesting and bold flavours for our chocolates. We take inspiration from the ingredients and flavours native to the region to create new chocolates that will surprise and delight our customers.


To ensure that the chocolates produced are perfect, we employ strict measures throughout our operations to ensure that the quality of our chocolates is uncompromised. Our customers can rest assured that they will be satisfied every time they take a bite of Beryl’s chocolates.